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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Family Vacation

Recently, we had a family vacation trip to Kuantan. I applied for an absence leave from work and went of for a three day vacation. In order to reach our designated retreat, we had to go through a jungle looking path. Very very 'ulu'. . .

Secluded jungle spot

By a private beach

Sri Cahaya Bungalow (looked more like a long house to me)

Without any means of communication to the outside world, we had to occupy ourselves with the games provided such as a chess/ chinese chess board game, poker cards, darts, ping pong, carom and UNO stacko blocks. Some of us brought along outside entertainment as well such as mahjong, PSPs, guitars, cameras and fishing rods.

Ping pong pros

The beach was a perfect spot to harvest oysters and snails. We had fried/ raw oysters and snails for some of our meals.

Patience is the key to food

The beach was magnificent but it was not advisable to swim due to the underwater current

So most of the guys just hanged around on the beach and fished

From the sandy beaches of Kuantan

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