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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bon Odori Festival

Some random Japanese Ghost Festival held in Shah Alam last week. .

Church Photography

A request by Mr. Ian Ng; InasReka Principal to photograph the interior of a church he had designed.

They even have books on how to apologize :o

Thumbs up to the interior designing of the church; comfortable and spacious~

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comedy At Work

Note: My weblog has been inactive lately due to negligence and I am very well aware of that, however there may possibly be more future disregarding

Welcome to aaza; my home for the past two months. This is the place where I have been working gaining valuable working experience, new friends, priceless information, endless support and the occasional free food. Here we practice professionalism; adhering to the discipline of work life, self-order to meet deadlines, uphold respect to our fellow colleagues and endorse high quality work.

This witty disguise only last until the boss leaves the office, which means. . .


It is only then does our inner hooligan unleashes itself upon the unsuspecting office domain and wrecking havoc at every corner.

Working area; With in-depth knowledge of my camera's timer, I managed to kill one person from the picture at the very last moment

Meeting room; We failed to undress him before the timer went off

Work area; Not what you think

Boss's room; Getting our hands on everything in possession of the boss