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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shanti's Day Out

Farewell party dedicated to Nishanti.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Because Im A Sport

Note: This is where im suppose to include the rules of the game. Unfortunately, I dont really do tags so I avoid giving them out to people as well. The only reason im doing this is because four of my friends tagged me and im doing this out of courtesy. :D

1. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you'd take and why?

Because they choose me so im just returning the favor:

Benny - Apparently he wants me to take pictures of him when he is stranded on a deserted island

Yao Loong - Apparently because he thinks I am 1/3 smarter than Einstein

Yun Ru - Apparently because she wants to annoy me until I go to hell

2. Where is the place you want to go to the most?

Foreign countries namely France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Berlin. . . etc

3. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?

World peace, seriously. Imagine walking on the street and giving out a friendly smile at random people only to receive an obviously **** *** facial expression, going to foreign countries just to receive a hostile welcoming just because they are bias towards your race, or even getting killed just because you didn't know you offended someone.

4. Do you believe you can survive without money?

No. Reasonably speaking if you don't have money you can't buy food, shelter or clothing. If you someone tries to argue that we can go live as a wildman/women than id want to see him wrestle a lion or wear a loincloth during winter

5. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

Save half the amount for future expenses and savings while investing for the other half.

PS: I could also opt to upgrade my camera and get god-like camera accessories.

6. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

Probably not.

7. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.


  • has an excellent command of both english and grammar; always indirectly forces me to use the dictionary everytime I chat with her
  • has great focus and awareness; can recall issues raised in meetings which I never remember
  • stresses on dental hygiene; spends hours on her teeth alone


  • accompanies friends to lunch; mamak hour after Services 2 or Studio 2
  • has strong religious beliefs; always helping those with problems by hearing them out
  • has dashing good looks (im not gay)


  • has that cheerful smile on everytime I see her; like she got hit by Joker's laughing gas
  • is a great motivator; always talk about how [subject] is so stressful
  • is a good friend; doesn't forget you although she is in a foreign land


  • is a good friend; doesn't forget you although he is in a different place
  • is a great company; has tonnes to talk about although im already out dry
  • is a great motivator; always ask questions forcing me to find the answers

8. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

Calm, collected, poise, graceful and smart

9. Which type of person do you hate the most?

Extreme drivers on the road and arrogant people

10. If you are given the chance to go back to the past and make a difference, will you?

To undo the naughty things ive said and done. Good boy image requires perfection. If people really listened to little children then I could talk about future disasters and terrorism to avoid them.

11. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?

Seeing that person spit on the floor. End of discussion.

12. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

People. If i had to choose over lunch hour of a friendly chat I would go for the friendly chat.

13. Are you a shopaholic or not?

No definitely! Thats a dumb question to ask me. :D

14. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?

The ability to speak fluent chinese that will put my teachers to shame.

15. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?

Nobody that I know of. I keep it all to myself most of the time.

16. What's your weakest point?

The inability to speak chinese.

17. What's the thing you're most proud of?

The few pictures in my weblog. :D

18. What do you think of sarcasm and irony?

They make conversations more interesting and lively if used right. Following the concept of 'With great power comes great responsibility'.

19. What are you afraid to lose the most?

All my teeth and the people around me.

20. What do you think of the invention of microscopic nanotech transmitter? (heard about it over the radio this morning)

Privacy and freedom goodbye

Sunday, March 16, 2008

SABD Student Body 2008

Group photoshoot of the School of Architecture , Building and Design Student Committee 2008.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maiden Post: The Amazing Adventures of Campus Kitten

The Amazing Adventures of Campus Kitten illustrates the journey of a young kitten in my campus grounds.

Campus Kitten spotted

Campus Kitten looking enthusiastically at Mr. Photographer

Campus Kitten is getting pissed at annoying photographer

Campus Kitten sensed danger

Campus Kitten is being stalked

PS: Some might have already seen this in the Taylor's Photography Club's weblog. For future references you might be seeing more double posting in both weblogs; mine and Taylor's Photography Club's weblog