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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ipoh - TPC Events Trip

Welcome to TPC events trip and into my group members; team Toadlers aka Frog Prince. I was assigned as their senior photographer.

We are no frogs inside a well

We went to various places namely Kellie's Castle, Dr Seenivasagam Park and old town.

Its always great to have willing models

And unsuspecting victims

Macro shot by Toby

The two pictures of me in it was taken by Alan

Final picture by Ivan Tong (dammit)

Site Visit Gone Wrong

Had a site visit to the Petronas Gallery, KLCC. 'Unfortunately' it was closed at the moment. Most of us were 'utterly dissapointed'. Nonetheless we made good use of our time.

Organizing a bunch of unorganized children

Sleepless Nights In SABD

Been staying back late and often overnight these few days. Huge site model at a 1:50 scale to complete. . .

. . . and not to mention a 3D Max submission in a few days time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Portrait Lense

Tragedy strikes . . . my portrait lens broke after hitting hard on the ground. Horror movies was never meant to be good for the heart. Due to the recent mishap, I will no longer be able to take pictures such as these for the meantime.

And most importantly, I will miss the chance to bring along the lens to TPC's event trip to Ipoh.

In memory of f1.8
A cherished companion

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Morib Beach

Went to Morib Beach as the events photographer

"This is my happy face." Darren Tham

"This is my happy face." Aaron Chew

"This is my happy face." Sherman Tan

Who in the right mind would want to throw an innocent, friendly, loving and good looking photographer into the ocean. . .

Luckily they failed!