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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Orientation Night

Once again I was summoned to cover the orientation night event. Well I wasn't too hyped up to cover it but whatever goes I suppose. . . The theme was free and easy; finally a comfortable theme to follow.


Before the big event

Some people literally just stood and wait

As it got late, things started to spice up

The organizing committee

Random groups camwhoring

Birthday surprise for some girl

After dinner the crowd gathered for performances, acts and games

Boy does he look happy

A participating couple

Things started to get more interesting as the participating groups started to get smaller.

Then it was a face off from two sides

And the crowd goes wild


Bentuckee said...

Wow...looks so cool...especially the dances... none of our batch of students there?

Samuel Martin said...

No one can stop us by using these silly trick. Anwar's website was hacked just now! We are winners and Anwar Ibrahim is the new Prime Minister

Majid Anwar said...

Did BN did this!!!! How cheap they are how can someone use such silly tricks..